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Tips for a Lean Body



  1. * Ectomorph * Mesomorph * EndomorphWhy knowing your body type is so important.Your body type will help you discover what exercise and nutrition is best for you. It will help you massively creating that lean, strong defined ripped body.✅ Lean Muscle ArmsTUT - Time Under TensionMaintaining a specific tempo helps build your arms creating that lean look.✅ CRASH DIETS -Remember that if your in a starvation mode this causes the body to store FAT. This can also burn into muscle development which is a massive NO NO.Eating the right amount of calories and the right amount of Macronutrients for your body type is crucial. This will help massive to smash your goals and create that lean toned body.✅ Intermittent fasting is one of the best solutions to hitting your goals and keeping yourself full of energy throughout the day. This helps to build lean, strong defined muscles.✅ Carb cycling -Carb cycling strips your body fat and gets ride of stubborn areas which drops your overall body fat %.✅ Flexible dieting -Flexible dieting helps maintain your body and helps it not to lose any more weight.Flexible dieting - In the last few years, the concept of flexible dieting has come to the forefront of weight management/weight loss strategies. It is a relatively new technique that gives individuals greater control and freedom over their diet with less restriction that a typical rigid diet has.✅ CARDIO TRAINING - HIITHIIT - High Intensity Interval Training.3 times (dats) per week for 15 minutes a day. Total for the week 45 minutes.HIIT training is an anaerobic activity; this targets the fat cells. It shuttles them across the cell membrane to use them for energy.HIIT training makes the body recreate / restore oxygen to the body which can take up to 48 hours - This is called the after-burn effect.This helps with rapid fat loss.My favourite HIIT training equipment is kettlebells, battle rope, medicine-balls & Pilates ball.Enjoy. Good luck.Never give up always dream big and believe in yourself!.....

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