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I've been going to Jack's Pitshanger bootcamps for almost 3 years now and can highly recommend them. They are always different, work your whole body,push you, use a variety of equipment and I can see changes over the time in my levels of fitness, stamina and capabilitites. The sessions are always fun and the handball games (when we play) always a laugh

Belinda Tewson

The classes that are pulled together are well thought out and always different. You have an opportunity to develop all key muscle groups and are comfortably pushed to achieve more each week.

Marsha Rainford-Hay

I’ve been seeing Jack for weekly personal training sessions for about 8 months following the birth of my daughter. I find sessions with him reallly engaging and challenging but most of all I love the way I never get bored as Jack changes the routine throughout the session and week to week. His style of teaching keeps you on your toes and there’s never a moment to get bored. I’ve definitely seen results whilst working with Jack and like that he also provides nutritional advice. My sessions with Jack have permanently changed my attitude towards exercise - I used to dread it whilst now I look forward to it and I’ve got Jack to thank for that. He is a friendly, organised and dedicated trainer and I highly recommend trying out his sessions.

Tash Allman-Brown

I started training with Jack @ Social Fitness 4 months ago and it’s been an amazing journey which I have really enjoyed. 

In this time I have lost 14kg / 15.5 % body fat. I can’t believe it as for years and years I have struggled with weight and fitness. 

I feel really well and my health dramatically improving. I am loving training which has changed my life for the better. 

Jack makes each session very different and works on my weaknesses. 
Whilst with Jack he has put me on a few diets and I have done them which normally I would fail but these are lifestyle diets so I have managed to finish and even enjoy it. I have been doing also the 16/8 intermittent fasting which has given me so much energy. 

I have given up alcohol during the week and even did a month off. I couldn’t of done this with out jack’s help. 

He is so motivating and pushes me at the right times. I am very much enjoying his training. 

Thanks so much Jack you have changed my life.

Tom Laishley

Bootcamp in the park is such a complex mix of fun and fitness that my week is now firmly shaped around it. The sessions are never the same, tough workouts interspersed with a range of demanding but fun team games which have built a strong team bond! You can never get bored, you work your whole body and you're out in the fresh air whatever the weather. I've now talked a bunch of my friends into coming along as I think it's the best form of exercise going!

Katherine Pageon

Great session today - feeling fitter week on week, and it nice to make new friends too :) Thank you Jack!

Anna McDonald

A year ago, I would not have imagined myself at boot camp. But I really made it. I never knew exercising would be that much fun and enjoyable. I feel so much healthier and in better shape.
Jack is an excellent trainer and motivator. I highly recommend Social Fitness classes.

Amal Ghoussainy

Jack Elliott was my personal trainer in the lead up to my wedding. Jack is the ultimate professional. He did a weekly session with my now-husband and me, as well as a weekly bootcamp for me and my bridesmaids. Jack created a tailored plan for both to perfectly suit the different level and aims of each of the groups. He set tough, but realistic goals and provided a dietary plan to follow as well. The results were simply amazing, I hit my goals and more - I have never felt better. The sessions were hard work and high intensity and yet still managed to be great fun. And to top it all off, the price was completely reasonable.

Lucy Bartlett

I've been doing Jack's boot camp for 6 months and I would highly recommend it. After having two children, I'm in better shape now then before having kids. I feel great and have a lot of energy. The boot camp is very intense, but's it's very effective, a lot of fun and I've made new friends. Thanks Jack - you are an amazing trainer!

June Stride

Having been a sufferer of back and knee pains for many years , starting pt with Jack has not only helped in reducing the pain and becoming more flexible but he has helped me to lose body fat and weight. His personal attention to client's needs and varied programme makes each session fun and I look forward to it. I feel fitter and healthier in a very short time that I have started pt. Thank you Jack.

Sarkis Mohammed

Amazing personal training, bootcamp and boxercise sessions. Jack has an impressive knowledge of how to get the best out of every exercise and each session is different. He's extremely motivated for his clients to meet their goals and provides more information and support to make this happen. The bootcamp and boxercise classes are unsurprisingly popular and I've met loads of great people! Thoroughly recommend.

Jo Reed

I have been seeing Jack for personal training sessions for over one year. In that time I have seen a loss in my overall weight, increased muscle definition and exceptional strength gains.

Jack's training, while intense, is always interesting since you rarely do the same exercise twice and he is always progressively increasing the level of difficulty of each exercise. He is also happy to teach you what he knows by answering your fitness and nutrition questions. Can't recommend highly enough.

Nick du Cros

Since having a stroke (left lateral medullary infarct) almost 12 months ago, Jack, alongside my therapists, has worked with me on rehabilitation using a combination of resistance, functional and dynamic training. The stroke medical team has recently stated how extremely well I’ve recovered.

Donald Rowbotham

Being quite keen on exercise I have always been happy to go to the gym during the week, but I started attending Jack's sessions and found them to be a great way to start the weekend. He constantly varies his classes and keeps pushing you. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!

Joe Codrington

Jack is really motivating and flexible in his approach to training. If I can't make a group session he will fit me in on a 1:1 to make sure that,having made me fit, I stay fit. Good value too.

Mary Codrington

Jack is a brilliant personal trainer. Some family members have been seeing him for ages and their body transformations were very impressive so I decided to go along to Jack’s sessions to try for myself.
He varies the exercises so you don’t get bored and the session is over before you know it. He works hard to gauge your baseline ability and what specific improvements you need to make, rather than using a one size fits all approach.
I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Olivia Codrington

I have been going to Social Fitness Bootcamps for almost 2 years and they have changed my whole attitude towards exercise (in a positive way!). The classes are varied and challenging alongside great company. Jack is a great trainer, full of encouragement, pushing you to your capabilities. I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been!

Annette Walsham

I train with Jack on a weekly basis with a few others. His sessions are always challenging and keep us engaged. He always has a plan but is happy to modify the sessions to suit the weather, our energy levels or ability. He can provide nutrition and training advice to gain results outside of his sessions too. A motivated, energetic trainer who I would highly recommend

Matt Bartlett

Jack is an excellent personal trainer. He has very strong knowledge of how the body reacts to each exercise and how to get the most from each session.

He manages to pitch the sessions perfectly, pushing just hard enough for your ability, without going too far. He also mixes up the routines to keep things interesting and this also helps you push further whilst enjoying every session.

On top of that he's a great chap who makes keeping fit a lot of fun for people of all abilities. Highly recommended.

Alex Long

I first met Jack in Pitshanger Park 2 years ago whilst he was instructing a personal training session. Since then, I have undertaken countless bootcamps and boxercise classes. All have been engaging, motivating, exciting, different, but most importantly, pushing me out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. From this, I decided to sign up to Jack's personal training sessions. Each session is new and works different parts of the body. They are challenging but individually tailored to meet my needs. Suffering from extreme sciatica issues, Jack tailored a program that would rehabilitate my sciatic nerves whilst also ensuring I reach my maximum potential. He sets homework each work, trusting that I will complete it, ensuring liability and responsibility but also installing the knowledge needed to progress towards my goals faster and more successfully. Jack's professionalism, approach and knowledge to fitness and health continue to motivate me. The journey isn't easier, but knowing that Jack is there with support, guidance and enthusiasm makes it a whole lot easier! Thanks Jack!

Maddy Baldwin

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